sylvaine Le Querrec    Born in 1957, Sylvaine The Querrec pseudonym Sylda for certain works, spent his childhood in Montmartre, unconsciously eating all exposed artistic practices, and is moving towards visual art studies.

In the 80s, she met Mr. Bourdet, professor of fine arts; new learning towards mastery of graphic techniques in pencil or ink and techniques of oil painting.

Simultaneously she studied history of art, required training to build his own artistic personality.

The portrait draws quickly and achievements pastel allow it to be noticed.

Since 2010, it leaves more room in the sensory, the visual art techniques in general moving away gradually from realistic figurative expression.

His professional universe expands by making posters and since September 2009, by writing children's stories she shows herself happy.

She always leaves the heart guide his creations, do not choose an artistic technique, one that is imposed on it as evidence, according to the emotional state of the moment and the subject.



""Man is what he does"  André MALRAUX 

Main exhibitions


- 1996-2003, various exhibitions in Champagne (France)

- 2004, the first solo exhibition at the gate St Pierre in Château Thierry (02 - Champagne - France)

- Since 2006, various exhibitions in the country of Morlaix (29 - Brittany - France)

- 2008 Selected by the town of Morlaix and the UCPA to exhibit solo at the opening of the water area of ​​Morlaix in November and December,

- 2009 In solo exhibition in June (Greater Montbéliard - 25 - Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - France), on this occasion, special prize Agglomeration of Montbeliard works in pencil and pastel.

Acquisition of a work in oil by the Municipality of Vieux-Charmont (25 - Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - France).

- 2011 Exhibition for 5 weeks in the gallery of artists in St Brieuc (22 - Brittany - France)

- 2012 Exhibition in Carantec (29 - Brittany - France)- One of my works showing.  Sylvaine Le Querrec carantec2012 


- 2012: Reward (recognized creative work)

- 2013 Biennale St Brieuc (22 - Brittany - France) Exhibition at the request of the organizers.

- 2013 Plougasnou (29 - Brittany - France) and other living Finistère (Brittany - France)

- 2013-2014 Expo in Everart Gallery in Paris

- 2014 Plougasnou (29 - Brittany - France) and other fairs of Finistere (Brittany - France)